billsSurveys for Money

No kidding here! Each completed survey earns you cash rewards, which can be redeemed in multiple ways. We offer gift cards, cash payouts, any many more you can pick from. There is absolutely no catch. You participate and complete surveys, we pay high rewards for your time and opinion!

binocularsWhy Online Surveys?

Every day, thousands of companies are working on improving their services, and make better products for customers like you. They are keenly interested in getting your opinion to make products you would like, and pay rewards in return of your time and feedback.

money bagPaid Surveys and Opinions

ZingPie offers multiple surveys, by many of its partners. Surveys about products you buy, brands you love, services you use, or places you go. Simply answer the questions how you honestly feel, and boom! On successfully completing each survey, we would reward you in various ways, rewards you would love!

clockHow much time does it take?

Most surveys are like 10 to 15 minutes, however, some can be longer. But we offer higher rewards for longer surveys! So every minute will be worth it you see.
You can take surveys from your laptop, iPhone, iPad, PC or any other smartphone or tablet, as long as you are connected.

Your wise thoughts aren't just thoughts any more...
...Earn Amazing Cash Rewards for your opinions!

Participate and Get Paid! It's simple. Every day you use many products and services from different brands. Simply share your thoughts about them, help companies make better products and offerings, and earn incredible rewards for your opinions. Take them from wherever you are, from home or office or library or coffee shop!