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WiseSample's diversified panel and effective targeting strategies is the answer to every business research need.

Multilevel recruitment processes, partnering with some of the biggest online databases and collaborating with specialized industry or region level publishers is what builds our panel.

Real-time routing of customer segments, integrating information from CRMs, loyalty programs, ecommerce platforms and engage high opinion customers with relevant surveys are just some of our targeting techniques.

Covering US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, China and other regions with validated panellists.

Our B2B audience:

    HVAC Professionals.

    Painters, Plumbers.

    Architects, Interior Decorators.

    Contractors, Construction and Facilities Maintenance.

    Small Business Owners, Franchise Owners.

    Electricians, Mechanics.

    Decision Makers across various departments and roles.

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WisePerks our rewards earning platform is been gaining popularity for its simple and straight forward engagement model. Thousands of users are joining us each day and are redeeming earned benefits in the form of gift cards, vouchers from Amazon, EBay, Starbucks, PayPal and many more...

    2.4+ million DOI validated members across 25 countries.

    Over 1100 respondents recruited every day.

    Profiled over 40 modules with over 600 data points.

    Instant payout to respondents for active engagement.

    Highest rewards payout among the industry.

    WiseScore algorithm validates each respondent on 68 variables to ensure quality and consistency.

    Opinion Data and Digital behaviour data merged.

    Delivered over 1M completes last year.

    8M+ survey participations.

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Publisher?? Sample Buyers!! Be our guests...

Flapbucks smartly monetizes your premium inventory and users, and enhance their experience on your website or app.

With decades of experience and wide global presence, Flapbucks team can help you choose the right sample, 24X7.

    Monetize your non-paying audience, reward them for taking quick and interesting surveys.

    Start generating revenue immediately.

    Track performance and revenue earned through self serve dashboard.

    Hundreds of new surveys added every day, so there is always a number of opportunities available.

    50% revenue share for the publisher.

    In house tech team to help you integrate swiftly through API or plugins.

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WiseWorks flagship DIY survey management tool.

Our years of sampling experience and immense study of MR industry’s nuances have been put together to formulate this automated tool to run sampling projects.

Link your panel or database and manage end to end project cycle.

How it make your job easy:

    Dashboard: Find your conversion stats, completes, performance data, all at one place.

    Use default red herring and quality check questions or create your own.

    Restrict frauds, invalid IP, speeder terminates by just a click.

    Notifications for live tracking and activity.

    All user activity is logged for easy historical view.

    Track margins, costs, prepare billing and reports.

Are just a few ways....

We will be excited to help you explore Samplicity...

To schedule a web demo, please write to us at letstalk@wiseworks.xyz

WiseWorks Foundation is a development, relief and advocacy charity that helps communities, families and children overcome poverty and injustice. Working on programs on health, water, sanitation, food and nutrition. In addition to development, WiseWorks Foundation also aims to provide disaster response charity, providing emergency and disaster relief to fragile communities affected by conflict or natural calamities.